Sunday, December 20, 2009

What supplies would i need for a car wash?

i am holding a car wash, and i need to know what supplies might come in handy, any ideas???What supplies would i need for a car wash?
buckets, water, car soap, sponges, towelsWhat supplies would i need for a car wash?
You would need a few buckets probably 5 gallon, use automotive soap not some cheap crap at your local store go to an advance auto. Get sponges automotive sponges also, and if you have spare cash i would recommend getting shammy instead of a towel cause the towels will get wet, were as the shammy you can ring out. You could go the cheap way like all the other answers that don't care about there car but you will most likely end up putting scratches in to the clear coat. And above all plan it on a nice bright day.
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Working water hose or a water bucket with water in it



SMALL but not to revealing bikini

and if you wanna do good mabey even some streak free window cleaner, and some papper towels?
Nicely tanned, young females. Revealing bikinis. A huge box to hold your cash.
buckets for the water

dawn soap sponges



towels to dry it off

its that easy!!
Dihydrogen Monoxide - lots of it, too!
you would only need buckets of water or a hose, sponges, soap, and towels

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