Sunday, December 20, 2009

Washing machine supply pipe?

I would like to move my washing machine about 3 metres from where it is I have a hot supply pipe coming through the wall from kitchen and I also have a cold supply on a turn off/on tap in the room is there a simple way to make the pipes longer as i have only seen 2.5 metre supply pipes. If not which parts do i need to extend them. Tanks in advance am hoping to do it today so a quick reply would be useful. ;-)Washing machine supply pipe?
hose extentions you can get these from b%26amp;q.Washing machine supply pipe?
If your cold water tap is closer, you could connect the cold water supply to your hot %26amp; cold inlets with a Y piece. All new washing machines only have a cold fill inlet now as it is more efficient for the washing machine to heat the water than pulling hot water from your boiler.By the time your boiler has recognised the demand from the washing machine and heated the water, the washing machine is already 1/2 full with cold water that was sat in the pipe work. Depends how old your washer is
You use a flexible pipe or hose to connect and extend your supply pipe.
hose extensions
Buy longer hoses or adapters to add on to the ones that you have instead of plumbing.
Pipe stretcher.
Extend the hard plumbed water pipes to bring the on/off valve closer to where you need the machine then use standard hoses.

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