Sunday, December 20, 2009

Do I have to turn off the water supply before I disconnect an automatic washing machine?

No, but water will go everywhere and flood your houseDo I have to turn off the water supply before I disconnect an automatic washing machine?
As people living in freedom, we basically don't HAVE to do anything we don't want to... now, having said that; I would turn off the water at the valves located near the spot the rubber/stainless hoses connect to the household plumbing lines.

If you choose your democratic right to do what you want and decide you do not want to turn the water off; you might want to put a swim suit on first and get lots of towels ready to clean up the mess... Good Luck!Do I have to turn off the water supply before I disconnect an automatic washing machine?
No, just turn off the cocks where the washing machine hoses are attached.
Yes, unless you water all over you floor!
i would just in case, it dont take long to flood a kitchen.
There should be a small valve on the hose connection, turn it off there.
unless you want your kitchen flooded i would suggest you do!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Only if there is no little tap/valve where the flexi hose joins to the house plumbing, if there is, just turn off there. Take care when undoing the hose from pipework, as there will be pressure in the hose, and undo slowly incace the tap didn't turn off fully.
Yes; definitely; or you will have water all over the floor.

Turn off the water, than be sure the drain hoses are emply also.
Not the main water supply. If you pull it out the hot/cold fill pipes have little taps on them. you turn them off, not the main one
pull machine away slightly , follow plastic pipes from the back of the machine , ..where they are attached are little taps , turn off , test , by removing the pipe(unscrew by hand) done ::!!
No, you shpuld find two isolating valves behind or near the washing machine. Just trace the hoses back to find where they are.
yes unless u wont a pond in the kitchen
follow the water pipes from the back of washing machine to the water (copper) water pipe. you should have some small taps there, give them a turn. water is cut off to the machine. replace remove washing machine, just remember to turn water back on :-)
yes, but only at the spigot.
there are two valves on the wall behind the machine those are enough to close
Yes, follow the water hoses to your water valves and turn them clockwise to turn them off. Be careful with the hot water side which is usually the the left side. Use a towel over the the connection when unscrewing it after closing off the valves to guard hand against residual hot water.
if the washing machine has taps that it's connected to , and supply it , you have to turn of these taps only , but if it's connected to the water tubes without taps , then you have to turn off the water supply before disconnecting it .
Yes, turn it off at the stopcock behind the machine at the water inlet.
no, you should have two rubber pipe`s coming from the back of your machine one red one blue witch go to your hot and cold water supply, on the pipe`s are two little tap`s turn them to stop the flow of water then unscrew the pipes on newer machines there is only one pipe same process
there will be a tap just before the flexible pipe, turn this off
YES. For safety, turn off at the stopcock.
Yes, unless you want water all over the place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes Ideally, And then un-plug the machine but leave a bucket under the taps as when the water supplie is switched back on water will drip through the pips...and you wouldn't want water everywhere...!

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