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How can water supply to the house affect washing machine? Can the contractor hook up washer to sewer water?

Please someone tell me. I lived in Texas and was using a new washer. Everything worked great. I then moved to CA and took washer with me. The washed clothes STUNK like a fungus was in there. I was doing everything the same as in Texas. I ended up moving back to Texas and now using the same washer, everything is perfect again. I also know that the contractor who built the CA house is not so honest. My husband thinks the washer was hooked up to sewer water or something like that. Any ideas? Thank you!How can water supply to the house affect washing machine? Can the contractor hook up washer to sewer water?
Yup that is a possibility. In many states filtered sewage is being used to water lawns/outdoor spigots. It could have been accidentally tapped into.How can water supply to the house affect washing machine? Can the contractor hook up washer to sewer water?
The city in calif you lived in probably had SO2 or sulfur Dioxide in the water, even in small quantities it has a repugnant odor. Other debris in the water storage areas might produce microrganisms that produce bad musty odor in the water, even thought Chlorine is used to kill them off their by products still remain in the water supply.

Calif is not the only state with such water. Wells in South Eastern Michigan have a lot of SO2 in their water and it needs to go thru a purfiying process prior to usage.

As far as hooking to drain sewer, hardly so, because to attain pressure to fill the washer you'd need to be hooked to water supply.
The water is not the same in the U.S. Here, where I live, a lot of people have cisterns. They're homes are built over old coal mines that have filled with water and have simply destroyed the aquifers in the area, the water is salty, tastes like heck, can't wash clothes in it, etc. they haul in there water.

Other areas are built over salt mines, same problem. Homes built over oil and gas lines drilled into the ground. These areas and the way it was done has ruined the aquifers and the people now have to haul in their water.

This is probably what happen to you.
There is no pressure in the waste water line so that wasn't what produced the smell. What the problem might have been is a mystery to me but a plumber in CA would have been able to help.
In California you don't even drink the water that comes out of the tap in most Cities %26amp; you are right the water dose stink in most Cal. cities. I think the reprocess the water, the get the water from ALL kinds of sources like one I know is the Colorado river South of Vegas in a place called Buckskin MTS area but it is pumped right out of the river up over the Buckskin MTS to Cal. %26amp; you should see what gets in the river, retirement homes, Casinos, all kinds of water craft, float planes, house boats, you get the idea.

Smartest thing you did is move back to Texas.

To many people, business, agriculture etc. for this old man.

Did you drink much of the water? did you have problems with infections, bladder?
No, I don't think it would have been connected to waste water of any kind.

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