Sunday, December 20, 2009

Help with plumbing in a washing Machine - connecting to power supply.?

Ive just moved into a new house and have a new washing machine. I normally am really good with things like this but my new house has a wall plug socket for the washing machine with no holes in it to insert the plug. It is one of those new ones where you have to remove the front of the box on the wall and wire the appliance straight in with no plug.

Im not 100% on how you do this - can anyone help please?Help with plumbing in a washing Machine - connecting to power supply.?
Remove the blanking plate on the front and fit a face for a three pin plug. Wire you machine to the plug and connect it to the new socket. All kitchen appliances must be able to be disconnected from mains electric.Help with plumbing in a washing Machine - connecting to power supply.?
Yes it better to install a outlet in place of the blank cover. Always turn off power. On the back of the outlet you will notice one side is silver looking and the other is brass looking. The black wire goes to the brass looking side and the white goes to the silver looking. put outlet in box put outlet cover on. Turn on power plug unit in and get washing. Good Luck!!
Don't - get an electrician to do it for you, or buy an extension lead and plug it into a regular socket.

If neither is an option, you could try the local library; borrow a DIY manual and see if you can follow the instructions.

I'm a fairly competent DIYer, but I'd never touch electrical without a comprehensive set of instructions and diagrams...
change the blank for a proper socket it will be easier to disconnect if anything should go wrong with the washer and you need to move the washer to get behind for anything
Sounds like a hard wire (no plug), turn ya power off, wack front off, wire it tightly, don't need an electrician if your confident.
You need to install a receptacle in the box. Electric code requires a service disconnecting means for appliances.
strange/// i would go get a plug and cover and install it where the blank cover is
all you have is a flex connector,that is because somewhere in your kitchen will be a switch to control your washing machine point,this will have the fuse in it so that when the machine is installed and if a fuse blows,the service engineer doesnt have to pull the machine out to safely isolate it or change the fuse.Switch fuseboard off at main switch,remove cover from point,cut plug off washing machine flex,strip back outer sheath to reveal brown, blue and green/yellow.if your house is a new build the colours in the point should correspond to the colours of the flex,brown to brown,blue to blue,g/y to g/y..or alternatively,brown of flex goes to terminal marked L,blue goes to terminal marked N,and green/yellow goes to terminal marked E.make sure connections are nice and tight ,but dont overtighten.

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