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What is the best way to hand-wash a new car (black) without scratching it? Checklist of supplies?

I'm not going to lie, this is my first brand new car. I've always run my car through car washes and never really taken the time to wash it myself.

The dealer said not to run it through a regular was for 30 days.

What am I going to need to ensure I wash my car without scratching it?

What are the best name-brand items?What is the best way to hand-wash a new car (black) without scratching it? Checklist of supplies?
Hate to break it to you but the primary ingredient in dirt is silica or sand like dirt. The best part of preparation is the initial rinse. This washes off anything loose, dust, bugs, dirt, sand, and sets you up for fewer scratches then just diving in with the mitt and soap.

I like the ArmorAll car wash soap. It looks blue(ish) and is thick and leaves a very nice finish. DO NOT use dish soap as this strips away the shiny finish and leaves a flat finish. Just slosh the wash mitt in the wash bucket frequently to wash the dirt or dust off the mitt. I use a 5-gallon bucket since they are deeper and this gives you more water and room for the dirt to settle to the bottom and not go back out on the mitt. Wash the bottom or lower half of the car last. Wash the tires and wheels dead last. Use stiff brushes on the tires and a soft brush around the wheels.

When you finally get around to a wax job, like a year from now, I prefer those once a year ';waxes'; like NuFinish (use two coats). They leave a very good barrier between the elements and the paint or clear coat and it's easier to rinse off the dirt before you begin the actual wash.

Otherwise, scratches are inevitable since we live on a dusty and dirty planet. If you leave the car in the garage at least half a day this will limit the exposure to dust or dirt that can settle on it at night time. Especially when there might be dew on the car in the morning as this gives the dust something to stick to.

I do not recommend automatic car washes. They really strip the finish (shine) and you get all the dirt from the other 1,000's of cars that went through before you and dirtied up the brushes. They are good for taking off the logo's and antennas, too.

Good Luck!What is the best way to hand-wash a new car (black) without scratching it? Checklist of supplies?
i have a custom truck with a very valuable paint job and i use the mr.clean car wash system and a very soft and clean wash mitt. The system uses a filtered rinse so you at least don,t have to touch the car to dry it
A little dish soap and water with a soft terry clothe

Wash in the shade

Use a carnuba soft wax to wax it. Most wax is good. Make sure the wax is designed to be removed AFTER it dries or you will be in a world of hurt.
Mother's products, and Meguire's are two brand names I have had good luck with.

My best advice is to use Turtle Wax car wash solution which leaves a waxy finish. It comes out almost as good as a real wax job without the time and effort of waxing it. I am sure there are other product companies that have the wax finish so I suggest trying one. I too own a black car, and another peice of advice is to buy some terry cloth towels, or microfiber towels, andyhting that soaks up water without leaving lint behind, and drying your car right after you wash it. This will eliminate water stains which show up extremely well on black cars.

Another tip on the car wash solution is to use a regular kind first, then go over it again with the waxy finish wash. In my experience the waxy finish makes it shine at the end, but is not at as good at getting dirt and grime off initially as the regular kind.

Hope this helps. good luck, dont give up on black cars, they are a pain to keep clean, but look so incredible when they are!
use aspoonage and some liquid car wash soap
go buy yourself a new bucket and sponge and leather.(not synthetic)

a good wash and wax liquid.(turtlewax)

a good wax polish.(turtlewax)

fill bucket with hand hot water adding wash and wax at three quarter so it mixes well.

run out hose and thoroughly hose down car to remove all loose grit, sand etc.

sponge car down with wash and wax using hand pressure. press a bit harder for stubborn bits.

rinse and leather down.

using two soft cloths(wax on wax off) polish car one panel at a time.

do this on a regular basis and as the wax layers build on the car it will be easy to keep clean and will look new for a long time.

never ever run your car through a carwash as this is the best way to ruin the paintwork.(just look at the cars of those who do)

drive safe everybody.
well, if my bf was here, i could tell u what to use and what te best chemicals u should and should not use. all i know, a black car is the most beautiful color for a car, but also te hardest to keep clean. my bf spends about 2 to 3 hrs just waxing the damn thing. thats not including washing it, drying it, wiping down the inside, vacumming the inside. scrubbing the tires/rims. omg!!!! so much stuff. im glad im a girl.
def do not run through a machine carwash.. stay out of the sun and gently wash it with worn out bath towels with a small amount od dawn dishsoap. never let the rags touch the ground and alway rinse heavily...

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