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Does the mains water supply have to be turned off when disconnecting the washing machine?

I'm getting a new washing machine and having the old one collected, but of course they won't take it unless it's disconnected! What's the best way to do this?Does the mains water supply have to be turned off when disconnecting the washing machine?
not the mains, no. there are valves that will need to be turned off from the hot and cold feeds though (the red and blue hoses at the back). don't worry if you don't have two hoses, i disconnected the hot feed on my machine to conserve energy. Hope that helpsDoes the mains water supply have to be turned off when disconnecting the washing machine?
you should check how your existing machine is being piped. most modern homes have a tap on the pipe intended for the washing machine. just turn that off and you can disconnect the washing machine. some water in the remaining length of the pipe/water tube may flow out but that should be minimal.
just turn the tap off that the hose is connected to, its very simple
HEY...have you been spying on me? Yes you do have to turn the water mains off..unless you want the kitchen full of water.
no only the valve,s
under the sink you'll find 2 connection, one red one blue, turn these little taps off and undo the pipes
OK turn of the valves to which the red and blue pipes are connected as the others have said above.

DON'T FORGET the waste, there will quite likely be some residual waste water in the pipe and pump. You need to keep the open end of this pipe up above the middle of the washing machine until it is outside OR drain it into a shallow receptacle, the entire length of this pipe needs to be above the open end for it to empty properly and this is made more difficult if the pipe is corrugated.
I think the company your buying the washing machine from should agree to turn off the water by just reaching back of the washing machine and turning the dern water off. There should be a hot and a cold water valve located right behind the washing machine that you just turn off. If it's like mine it also has a plastic drain hose, bigger white hose that the old wash water drains out of the washer, too.

When you know these simple minded people who are delivering the washer are coming, just reach behind the washer and turn the water valves off, remember righty tighty, and then just lift the drain hose, the larger white hose, out of the drain hole and your all ready for the new washer.

I honestly don't understand why the people you bought the washer from can't disconnect and reconnect your washers.

I might check with other stores the next time and ask if they do that. Most do all that and get rid of your old applience too.

There should be shut off valves where the hoses connect to the back of your washer. Just turn them both off, disconnect the hoses, and your on your way. Don't forget to unplug the washer before you mess with the water shut off valves. Congratulations on your new washer. I need one badly.
no you dont have to turn off the mains water supply. you have to turn off the small tap situated behind the washing that connects to the washing machine BTW THEY MAY BE TWO coloured blue and red both require disconnecting and turning to the off position.

turning the taps in your sink will serve no purpose whatsoever so take no notice of that from anther person on here

if you are not sure after reading this get a friend who knows the correct procedure or wait till the delivery men come with the new one it only takes a minute or so to disconnect and reconnect the new one
Good question. When you turn on your washing machine, it will fill up with water. This water pipe is connected to all the pipes in your house (like the sink and hose).

There are 3 pipes connected to your washing machine. Two are water supply hoses and one is the draining pipe that leads to the sewer. (see for a diagram)

Connected to the water supply hoses is a water letlet valve that propels the water into your washing machine tub.

This basicly means that the two water supply hoses are always filled with water.

If you don't turn off the main water supply water will just keep pouring out of the hoses.
No, but you do need to turn off the water spouts the hoses are connected too. Turn them off before you unscrew the hoses
No Shut off the water source to the WM and you will be fine. IE the hot and cold faucets at the wall.
Yes !Make sure you turn off you water.

Usually find the tap under the sink turn off and then try and run some cold water from the tap at the sink just to make sure !
Your inlet tubes one red and one blue will be connected to the hot and cold water pipes. Each of these should have a little tap on that you will need to turn before you disconnect them. Other than that you can leave your mains water on.
you should b able to turn the supply off to the washing machine only, then dissconnect the pipes.
Find the pipes which feed the water into your machine. Each (blue and red) should have a small tap on them which you turn to the off position.

Put a bowl underneath them before disconnecting the machine to catch the remaining water - shouldn't be a lot.

There's no need for the whole water supply to be turned off at the mains. In fact you could make a cup of tea and share it with the people collecting the machine!
Get someone to do it you are clueless.

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