Sunday, December 20, 2009

My boyfriend works in a beauty supply store, and he said his boss says you can wash you hair with hand soap?

And that it will come out just as clean as if you were using shampooMy boyfriend works in a beauty supply store, and he said his boss says you can wash you hair with hand soap?
probablyMy boyfriend works in a beauty supply store, and he said his boss says you can wash you hair with hand soap?
I wouldn't advise it. Yes your hair will be clean, shine, even, but it will look greasy, and feel dirty. Soap is not the same as shampoo. Soft soap has the same additives as regular soap, with additives with shampoo, and its more expensive that either. So, you hair wont be as greasy feeling and looking, as if you used regular soap, and not as clean feeling, and looking, as if you used shampoo. Stick with Shampoo, and for the ';wet look';, use hair gel.
my hairdresser does the same thing with dish soap. I think eww. but hey, whatevers cleaver
it may be clean, but dry!! handsoap is not healthy for your hair at all.
It will be clean, but it will also be dry so you would definately want to use a conditioner.

You could probably also use detergent but really, neither are good ideas.
Why don't you break up with him and go out with me...........I'm free Saturday night!
That is true. When i'm having a bad hair week and I use gel I wash my hair with Palmolive (dish washing liquid) and it works great.
That is correct: Soap is a detergent, Shampoo is a liquid Detergent. Detergents do not clean, Water cleans.

Detergents merely serve to eliminate the surface tension of the water. That allows the water to clean things. Otherwise the water can not touch anything, because of that Surface tension. If you would like to demonstrate the surface tension of water.

Fill a glass with water and carefully drop a needle on top of the water, make sure the needle is parallel to the surface of the water so it will not pierce the surface tension and the needle will float on top of the water. Cool Huh!
but you need a good conditioner because hand soap is not gentle on your hair.
that is a good idea if your hair is really oily. but soap strips all of the naural oils out of your hair leaving it dry and nasty feeling
I knew a girl in high school who always insisted on using Tide detergent to wash her hair. It looked shiny and good. So, you never know. You could try it, just for a day, if you had another product you are already happy with. Then compare the two.
UNTRUE. I tried this once when I was out of shampoo.

What a holy mess. Your hair feels gummy, flat, brittle and refuses to take any style. Ugh.
I have washed my hair with soap lots of times. I usually use a conditioner afterward though, because it will be really dry for a while.
He is right about that. Many Europeans still use hand soap to wash their hair.
It would be good and clean but extremly dry! I woul djust use regular shampoo and conditioner.
Technically you can and it would clean it just fine. But it would probably overly wash it. The soap would have nothing added for moisture and would dry out your hair if used regularly.
Your boyfriends boss is an idiot!

It may be fine for boys who have really short hair that never tangles and is cut so often you wouldn't know if it was split, but if your hair is more than half an inch long this is a really bad idea.

There are however, hair soaps. These are tricky, because they actually don't contain any soap. It's just because they are a solid shampoo and look like a bar of soap that they get that name.

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