Sunday, December 20, 2009

Supplies to bring to wash peoples cars for money?

I am on spring break now and i want to make some money. I am sick of asking my dad for money. I cannot get a job until the SATs are over, because my dad wants me to study for it. It is understandable. Anyway, my cousin and I want to wash cars.

The confusing part is, what supplies shall we need?

should i carry around a bucket full of soap water and she will carry around a towel.

I really dont know.

or should we use the persons hose and we just bring towels

what supplies should i need?Supplies to bring to wash peoples cars for money?
Water supply. (At residence use theirs)


Liquid soap, (one that won't leave a film. Laundry soap may do. Use sparingly)


Towels, (';lots';, %26amp; rinse bucket for used towels)

Bug remover, (WD 40 will do, wash after use)

Windex for glass

Trash bags, (In car trash and paper towels)

Paper towels

Tire dressing, (Be nice. Car washes chg. $1.00 per tire)

Maybe air freshner for interior? (Extra)

Maybe a scrub brush to brush floor mats, and or tires.

The works should be worth about $10.

(Car wash chg. $15-16)

Exterior only, about $5-6 (Wash %26amp; dry)

If they want vacuum, use their vac. Chg. about $2 extra.

You could use a portable, car hand vac. $2-3.

Hey, don't be afraid of add ons. Some will be glad to pay extra.

All prices depend on your location. Check car wash prices and they are ';not hand wash';.

Good luck.Supplies to bring to wash peoples cars for money?
You will need lots of towels for drying, clean ones.................. Fresh water from a hose.....................some sort of brush for the washing soap.............a car washing mit (make sure if you get any grease from the car on it that you don't spread it around on the car)...............hopefully it's a nice warm day because you will get wet! Have fun and I like your spirit!
car wash soap, wool mitten for washing, chamois cloth for drying, bucket and hose wither spray nozzle

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