Sunday, December 20, 2009

Can a new washing machine be damaged by a faulty electical supply?

Our brand new Zanussi washing machine broke soon after we had it due to a faulty PCB board. We are now on our third machine and the same has just happenned to it. None of the machines have worked for more than a few washes before going wrong. Is it possible that a fault with the electricity supply is causing this? Surely the fuse should protect against this, and the machine should have a device to protect it against excess current if the fuse fails right??Can a new washing machine be damaged by a faulty electical supply?
Possibly a faulty batch of PCB`sCan a new washing machine be damaged by a faulty electical supply?
Yes. Electronic devices, like those on the PCB, can be damaged by ';spikes';. When an electrical device is switched on, the initial current can be anything up to 8 times normal, albeit for a fraction of a second. A normal BS1363 fuse isn't fast enough to blow in time. As you say, the circuit should be designed to account for this.
if you are using the same wall socket outlet then probably the caused ,get a LEW to tighten the screws inside . ,i just have this bad contact problem with my car jump start pair of cable those black and red i bought few yrs back from one gas station ,.from the look it was solid until my years of experience put me to shame in front of should be of atleast 10mm sq in size per cable,instead that dick was using power cord tpye 4 core X 1mmsq twisted and cramped without soldering,i wonder who approved the ah seng beng hell job.
It's cool when it works like that. How old is the house? Are you certain the house electrical system is solidly and properly grounded per code? If you answer old to the first question or not sure to the next, have it inspected at your own cost unless you have a plan with your electric company that covers internal wiring. They usually cost money. You have to eliminate the ground as a suspect first in this situation. Ask around. You could also have a piece of crap machine. Take out the ground question first.
Not all machines are fitted with surge protection. You should contact the manufacturer and ask them. A surge could damage any appliance not fitted with a surge protector.
Yes And Yes!
3 machines and don't you think it's the power supply?..

Please get a electrician to check the circuit.. also to check and tighten all the mechanical connections and joints...I mean the screws need some tightening and don't forget loose connections causes 'arc' which lead to high current (amp) and this could be the possible reason that you machine break down..

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